Track Field Staff in Real-Time

Analyze jobs done, distance traveled, working hours, and work efficiency with Swif. Its user interface helps to smoothly track field sales effectively along with the complete transparency of the field services offered to the customers within their organization. 

Manage Your Work Schedule

With the Swif app, you can easily access your past and future work schedule from anywhere or anytime. It allows you to access the whole work orders scenario even if your work is done, pending, or about to begin.

Go without Pen and Paper

Using the Swif app makes you free from physical tasks like entering data using pen and paper. On the Swif app, it saves your time and you can smoothly fill the data in no time to manage the field services.
What is Swif App?

Swif is a multi-platform software application that helps you with a flexible suite of field service management solutions. Both commercial and residential field service organizations can utilize the system for scheduling work order management, inventory and asset management, automatic notifications, time tracking, contract management, invoicing, and much more. Swif’s suite of solutions is cost-effective and easy to integrate and use.

The best FSM app that make you choose us for once and for all.

150+ people already use SWIF App!

Swif is surely a great app for your organization. This app will help you in optimizing your service operations, and increase productivity. The app is built with an eye-catching and easily accessible design.

With Swif, you can manage the work order data, attendance, and field service data in minutes. Now make real-time communication with your co-workers and manage your workforce effectively. 

Unique Features

  • Admin Dashboard Reports

     Admin dashboard displays the summary of the progress in work throughout the day according to the mentioned fields.  

  • CRM

     It smoothly records personal information like name, contact number, and email id and it saves history for all field workers that job was done by them for future reference.

  • Manage Attendance

    Create attendance sheets for different shifts and get attendance. On another side, it builds a timesheet according to the worker’s payroll-based click-in/out time.

  • Work Order Management

    Foster your business with Swif work order management software. By using this feature on the software workers can carry out their job without any delay or restriction.

  • Checklist for FSM

    With a checklist, keep your work process steady for your field with a simple-to-follow plan for the day. On Swif software, you can snapshot the required information, add notes, and go completely without any pen and paper. 

  • Integrated Calendar

    Swif is integrated with a dynamic calendar. You can easily find your work detail and attendance just by selecting a particular date. Administration can also override directly through the admin panel.

Available on App Store and Google Play

Now Schedule and Track Work Smartly Using SWIF
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Why Choose Swif?

Simple & Intuitive Design

Swif is a simply designed software and built with interactive and easily accessible UI/UX designs.

High-Rated App

Swif is an appreciable app for field service management with high ratings.

Contactless Service Support

We provide rapid contactless support for our users. We offer 24*7 technical support.

Developed for FSM

Swif is highly effective for the field service industry that needs to manage the whole working data of the workers in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What kind of business can Swif be used for?

Swif works with multiple services like – 

  • Air Conditioning services
  • Delivery Services
  • Installation Services
  • Cleaning Services 
  • All on-site repair services like – Electricians, plumbers, Painters, and Handymen services.

Swif provides fast and appreciable services to customers. Each and everything is available on real-time tracking with the field service management software named Swif. On the Swif app, Customers can freely define the basic needs or tools for repairing or servicing the product. 

My team is small. Will I pay the same?

Yes, you will have to pay the same because this software does not work with the number of workers you have in your organization, it works with the scenario of the number of work orders you have. It manages as many job orders as you want by keeping customer orders, job history, customer information, and all in one spot.

Is my data safe with SWIF?

Yes, your data is 100% safe with the Swif. It is integrated with robust security-based frameworks that safely store your data in the software. Swif can also use artificial intelligence to analyze the data from repositories. 

Swif the field service management application permits technicians to connect digital evidence of work to their work requests and save a consistent review trail. This approach assists associations with following well-being and different guidelines. Sometimes technicians have to face problems with the internet. They should proactively store work-related information locally on a device, so it very well may be gotten to without internet access. Swif is constantly updated with more security and other eye-catching management features.

Do I need to install any software on my computer?

No, Swif is a completely cloud-based application that manages all the resources related to field services management activities. Using a cloud-based application has many benefits which include – 


Improved Communication – It helps field staff to improve the communication gap between the staff and the customers. The reason is that it is a cloud-based application and makes it easy for users to communicate easily with everyone.


Simplified Processes –  Swif allows you to simplify your processes smoothly.


Work Orders and task updates in real-time – You can easily access your work orders and get timely task updates in real-time. 


Scheduling improvements –  It improves scheduling patterns, and you can freely reschedule your work orders through the Swif app. 


These above are some benefits of cloud computing applications. It allows quick access to information on the field worker’s position, distance from the job location, and route for the day. Utilize time properly and plan the easiest job path for your field workers.

I do not create Contracts, Can I just use it for Work Order Management?

Yes, you can independently use it for work order management. It is designed with amazing dynamic features. It allows you to track your work orders in real-time visibility. It comes with the option you can simply reschedule your work order if your technician is busy somewhere. You can increase your efficiency with tools and processes that replace manual systems, boosting operational efficiency and employee productivity.

Do I need to enter all my workers information one by one?

Yes, you can independently use it for work order management. It is designed with amazing dynamic features. It allows you to track your work orders in real-time visibility. It comes with the option you can simply reschedule your work order if your technician is busy somewhere. You can increase your efficiency with tools and processes that replace manual systems, boosting operational efficiency and employee productivity.

We use an ERP System, Does SWIF Connect to it?

Yes, Swif is completely compatible with the ERP systems. Swif application is works with field services workers as a primary concern. Its one-of-a-kind capacities offer powerful help, which, when matched with ERP and CRM frameworks, can assist with better overseeing field services tasks. By executing field service management, your association can receive a few key rewards that your ERP and CRM arrangements alone can’t offer:

  • Make an arrangement of commitment to complement the system of record.
  • Increase transparency across field service operations.
  • Easily track job history and customer preferences.
  • Streamlines workflows.
  • Improves communication.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

I need to be able to schedule my employees too fast and on the go, is that possible?

Yes! It rapidly schedules your employees on the go. It is user-friendly and has many features that other apps don’t have. On Swif, you can automate schedules for your employees and save time. The product gives various capabilities to your organization, including secure and storing proficient information, admittance to information in a hurry, and detailed reporting tools. Get a quick, easy, and secure way for the owners and workers to keep track of their daily work.

FSM vs Mobile workforce management: what’s the difference?

The difference between Field Services Management and Mobile Workforce Management is best summarized by this question:

If you have any desire to improve the customer journey, the planning system, or work experience and efficiency in the field, you really need a Mobile Workforce Management Solution. MWM programming puts your customers and mixed labor force workers at the focal point of the cycle since they are the vital factors in the situation that you are hoping to tackle.

On the other hand, if you want to optimize the installation, maintenance, repair, and deployment of physical products then you have to use the Field Services Management Solutions for your organization. Field Services Management programming is intended to focus on actual resources, assisting you with planning the rhythm and timing of your responsibilities.

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